About the Company

Strings & Things Puppet Theatre is a Los Angeles based company that has been creating theater designs and construction for over two decades, bringing stories to life using a medley of styles and mediums: from elegant shadow puppets to life size mechanical rod and body puppets, creating a unique style of storytelling with a social conscience and a sense of humor for all ages.

Our mission is to provide innovative puppet theatre performances with insightful messages, a social conscience, and a sense of humor that enlightens, educates and entertains children and adult audiences.

Our productions are comprised of a delightful mix of puppet styles, i.e.: shadow puppets, hand and rod puppets, large body puppets and marionettes, that provides a creative atmosphere to bring together an extraordinary program of puppet theater.  Our programs are aimed to teach young audiences about moral values, inspire their creativity, expose them to cultural diversity and enable them to better understand and co-exist with each other.  Our unique style of storytelling engages the multi-disciplines of music, dance and dramatic imagery providing our audiences a fascinating window where they can revisit history, perceive the present and dream of tomorrow.

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