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Ordinary Objects Mar20171019

Strings & Things Puppet Theatre performs Ordinary Objects a vibrant, upbeat piece of absurd theater that uses the anthropomorphic nature of innate objects and puppetry in a series of vignettes depicting imagery & ideas expressed by the surrealist, Rene Magritte.  The show draws on humorous and bawdy comic clichés, puns, and dislocated repetitions with an underlying message of metaphysical distress in paying tribute to filmmakers, surrealist, existentialists who extrapolate meaning from the world of object theatre.

Ordinary Ob Mar20171049

With a focus on everyday objects, such as shoes, books, apples, and oversized chessmen, and other images and dreams based on the work of surrealist Rene’ Magritte.  The story is told through the lens of Sigmund Freud in the course of a surrealistic game of chess with Men in Bowler Hats, who move along strategically as objects on an oversized chessboard while Sigmund Freud dissimilates his uniquely analytical point of view about dreams and neurosis to the audience.

Ordinary Ob Mar20171032

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