Strings & Things Puppet Theatre

Who Speaks for Wolf
Based on three beautiful Native America Learning Stories
by Paula Underwood

Our story follows Honeybee, a young girl living in Los Angeles with her Native American father as he teaches her the ways of their ancestors. Through the telling of these ancient stories, father’s message is perhaps the most important at this point in human history.  It is a story of what happens when people do not listen to nature.  Honeybee discovers valuable life lessons when the People, faced with difficult choices, learned to make good decisions.

Written by Paula Underwood
Adapted by Judith O’Hare & Joyce Hutter
Directed by Joyce Hutter

Karen Teliha, Mindy Donner, Svetlana Todorovich, Kerstin Manashaw, Patrick Newman, Joyce Hutter

Set Design by Robert Fu
Puppet Design by Joyce Hutter
Music & Female Vocals by Frances Coche’
Additional Music by:

“Enter the Sacred” from the album Drum Medicine by David & Steve Gordon (used with permission) Courtesy Sequoia Records, All rights reserved.

“Athabascan Song” from the album Earth Spirit by R. Carlos Nakai.  Courtesy Canyon, license # 2009-088.        All rights reserved.

Special thanks  . . . . Joe Dean, Don Yanan, Laurie Roberts, Bonnie Simon-Brust, Catt Brenton, Heather Dreiske, Daryl Green and Mirza Todorovich

Funding for this project was made possible by grants from
The Jim Henson Foundation and the Past is Prologue Foundation and CRA Community Redeveloment Agency

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