The Crocodile, the Boy and the Kind Deed

The Crocodile The Boy & The Kind Deed PRESS PHOTO 2

The Crocodile, the Boy and the Kind Deed

Long ago on an African savanna a boy saw a crocodile stranded between a dry lagoon and the sea, fighting for his life in the hot sun.  The boy takes pity on the crocodile and carries him to the sea.  The grateful crocodile promises to repay the boy’s kindness.  Time passes.  Then, one day the crocodile felt he would like to eat the boy.  But somehow his conscience troubled him, so he decided to ask the opinion of the other animals on the savanna, “What would you do to repay a kind deed?”  Like many African tales our story ends with a moral question.  Find out what happens in The Crocodile, the Boy and the Kind Deed.

~ Strings & Things Puppet Theatre

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