Toy & Puppet Design Portfolio

Joyce Hutter –  Designer

It is through my exploration of a variety of design modalities and techniques that I have become fluid in the art of design.  I find each project as interesting as the next.  I am always seeking new ways to challenge my creativity.

As a graphic designer developing concepts for children’s toys and games  my drawing abilities,  strong sense of design along with a rich imagination has lead me to collaborate with an exciting group of creative companies allowing me to communicated ideas and concepts into imaginative toys and games.

My journey into the art of theater design had a peculiar start .  I had become acquainted with a troupe unconventional actors (Found Theatre) who were performing twisted tales of Shakespeare in a defunked laundromat they converted into a black box theater in Long Beach, California. 

This intriguing group made an unexpected impression upon me.  As I had just arrived from art school and had begun my career as a toy designer, this eclectic clan captivated my imagination.  I soon found myself lending a hand at creating props and costuming for their productions.

It was through this period I became aware of the puppet as a tool of the theater.  My exploration of puppetry had just begun.  I spent the next two decades creating stories using the language of the puppet on the stage. Deconstructing fairy tales and classic stories and arranging contemporary tales for our times.

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